About Us


Invest West Financial Corporation was founded in 1970 by Dale Marquis and Sam Battistone in Santa Barbara, California. The company originally found its roots in a diverse group of operating companies and commercial and hospitality real estate assets, which included the Tennis Club of Santa Barbara, the New Orleans Jazz (NBA Franchise), and Big Yellow House Restaurants. Dale Marquis bought out his partner in 1986 and became the sole owner of Invest West. Over the next several years, Dale acquired various investment properties in retail, office, residential, hospitality, industrial and mini-storage. Dale merged with Jerry Beaver in 1992 to form Pacifica Real Estate Group (PREG). During the next several years, PREG dominated the Santa Barbara market in commercial leasing and was one of its most successful private syndicators of commercial real estate assets during the 1990s. Matt Marquis joined PREG in 1997 as an asset manager of the commercial real estate portfolio.

In 2000, Dale and Matt made the decision to leave PREG and reorganize Invest West and its companies. As part of the separation from PREG, Invest West purchased Pacifica Hotel Company, the hotel management company of a significant portfolio of hotel properties. Over the next twenty years, Invest West and Pacifica Hotel Company continued to acquire both commercial real estate and hotel assets, growing its portfolio to over $1 billion of real estate assets. Today, Matt oversees the day-to-day operations as Chairman & CEO. Adam Marquis joined in 2010 and is now President, responsible for asset management, feasibility, and brand relations. Chris Marquis joined in 2015 and currently serves as Executive Vice President, coordinating the debt and equity for the entire portfolio and managing acquisitions, dispositions, and strategic positioning of the assets.

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional hospitality services and unique lodging products to our valued guests. We will carry out our vision through our commitment to our core values:

  • INTEGRITY – We will maintain the highest standard of conduct in all of our actions.
  • TEAMWORK – We will work together in a coordinated effort to achieve our goals.
  • INDIVIDUAL WORTH – We recognize and respect our individual team members and their contributions.
  • CONSISTENT STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE – We will consistently provide our guests with a superior quality product and make a conscious daily effort to be better than our competition.
  • PERSONALIZED GUEST SERVICE – We will meet the specific need of each guest with a professional, friendly, prompt, courteous and enthusiastic attitude from all staff at all times.
    Dedication to these pursuits will ensure financial success and growth opportunities for our company and team members.